About Us

The Multiverse News works 27 hours a day to bring you all of the news from every timeline, every alternate reality, every universe, and every planet. If it happens, we will know. If it happens and we can use it to help our ratings, we will share it with you as fast as we can! Our anchors are Nigel Blackwood and Lance Neutron. Our news service is reliable, fair, and has never been convicted of any major crimes. This is why we stand out above all of the other multiverse news organizations!

Nigel Blackwood

Nigel is an ace reporter who tracks the events within the multiverse to help bring you the news. Helping Nigel are his some of his 1138 clones who help travel through time and space to cover all of the news usually when it happens.

Lance Neutron

Lance Neuton came back in time to take over the Multiverse News but is now Nigel's best friend and partner/co-anchor. Blessed with a mind for Robotics and the best hair in the known universe, Lance helps bring you up to date on events all over the multiverse.