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Multiverse News History

Gather around the warm glow of your personal digital viewing device and get comfy. It is time to talk about the history of the Multiverse News.

It all started way back in February of 2010 on a little podcast known as Slice of Scifi. To fully understand our history, we must first take a little side trip and talk about Slice of Scifi.

Scanning their website:

Slice of ScifiSlice of SciFi originally began as the voice of the SAVE ENTERPRISE campaign of Spring 2005, when loyal Star Trek fans rallied to the cause of saving a cancelled “Star Trek: Enterprise” series, and garner it a previously highly-anticipated 5th season. When that campaign fell on deaf Paramount ears, despite its success in generating fan support and unprecedented fan funding, Slice of SciFi continued to support the Star Trek fan base that had provided its starting point, but branched out into the wider arena of science fiction, fantasy and horror media: television, film, comics, and new media such as fan films, audio dramas, online animated comics and more. Slice of SciFi bacame an online entertainment news magazine podcast and has won many awards including the prestigious Parsec Award for Best News Podcast in 2008.

The show was so popular, and garnered so much fan feedback that eventually, it was necessary to spin off the Voicemail Show, dedicated just to fan feedback, in order to keep the original show from consistently hitting running times of 90 minutes or more! Both Slice of SciFi and its companion Voicemail Show became fan favorites to to SF media geeks of all ages.

In December 2005, Slice of SciFi made the jump to broadcast, finding an additional home on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 163, and bringing the show to a broad new fan base at the same time. In December 2007 Slice of SciFi became part of the growing Sirius Satellite Radio family of programming with the merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. Later, the show went from an audio only podcast and became a video podcast as well.

Slice of ScifiI started listening Slice of Scifi in May of 2008. The hosts around that time were Michael R. Mennenga, Brian Brown, Sam Roberts, Tim Adamec, "Crazy Joe" Fiore, Summer Brooks, and Bret Filipeck with a weekly trivia section hosted by "Kurt in St. George." The show was recorded at Mike's Draco Vista Studios in Phoenix, Arizona. As I recall, this was around the time when the great Gnome debate was in full swing along with furries and merkins. You really had to be there to fully... ah nevermind that part.

I know this is getting long, but there is a LOT of history to tell! Now, where was I? Ah yes, the voice mail show. We are alomst at the part where the News started! Just a little bit more back-story. Back "in the day" a person known only as "Fox Leader" would call the show and leave some... um... interesting voice mails. Some of you might even remember the now historic #211 Voice Mail episode. Never heard of it? Well... gather a little closer as I tell you about 211.

People were gone, Slicers were out sick, so one day Mike did something different. In what I can only assume was a cold medicine induced fog of confusion, Mike skipped making a regular show and unleashed upon the unsuspecting public an unedited batch of phone messages that people sent in. Many were fine, many were about the current "Wild Snorlax" meme and then we have the messages from Fox Leader. The more you listen, the deeper you spin into the brain melting furry darkness of his mind. It hit everyone like a face-hugger of pure insanity. The 211 event is often quoted along other dark tragedies as "Alderaan's Destruction", the Game of Thrones "Red Wedding", and M. Night Shyamalan's career. Lives were changed... and there were tears.

To this day, many of us who survived that darkness speak about it in hushed tones. It still brings a shudder to my very soul. If you survive listening to the entire 211 episode with your sanity intact, only then do you start to understand the madness Mr. Spock felt when he glimpses the Medusan. Only then can you grasp the pain of listening to Vogon poetry.

WARNING: If you actually want to hear it, do so at your own risk!

Download: Slice_211_050809_VMail.mp3

*sigh* Let us move on, shall we? One day, Fox sent in a rather cryptic message filled with code. While others didn't understand, my friend The Wizardly Wombat called in to the voice mail show and left a response to the message. It was sent in defense of Fox but Fox didn't really care for it and soon a playful banter began the two. Fast forward to Voice Mail show #249. Things were said about banana pudding and tater-tots and well, Fox REALLY didn't like that. It went downhill from there.

Fox went into attack mode. His messages to everyone on the show went from kinda of off and funny to not so funny. It came to a point where Mike thought it was time to stop playing Fox voicemails for a while and wanted to give Foxy a big good-bye. Slice of SciFi Voice Mail Show #253 became Foxapalooza. In an effort to give Fox a big good-bye, Nigel Blackwood was born. (I told you it was all related!) Reporting for the SoSF podcast news, Nigel helped cover the "news events" of Fox Leader's attack against all humanity and his eventual demise from the show. I wanted to try to make it over the top and fun and even left a way for Fox to come back one day. Mike and the Slice Crew enjoyed the news bits and thought they would like to give Nigel a chance to be on "the big show." I was amazed. The Galactic News first started on Slice of SciFi #258. Since I soon found that the "galactic news" domain name had already been taken, I changed it to the Multiverse News and the rest was geek history.

In 2011, Scott jumped head first into the show and brought a whole new level of crazy to the mix. Not Fox kind of crazy, super fun kind of crazy! With characters like Skizbot, B.O.S.C.O.E. and Lance Neutron, the show became more than just a fake news cast, it became a whole universe. Scott added another view to the news and brought a huge amount of skills to the mix. His multitude of voices and musical talent shines like a super nova. The universe is a lot funner when you have friends to share it with. Together we started to plot story ideas and tried to tell stories beyond just having news casts. It was really getting fun!

Then, like every good true story, dark times hit. I became so ill that I was ready to end the News. Because of my health, I simply could not go forward with the show. I didn't want to let Mike, Scott and everyone else down, but I had no choice. Then, much like Han Solo, Scott rode in and shoved me into a dead tauntaun! (figuratively speaking of course) He alone kept the News going while giving me the time I needed to get better. If not for Scott, the show would have died. I owe him BIG TIME!

In 2013, the Slice of Scifi podcast had to stop for a while as "real life" issues took over for Mike. I am sure Slice will live on in one form or another but it was at this time that Scott and I began the process of starting to take our universe to another level. Is that the proper buzz word? Another Level? Seems kind of vague but you get the idea. We wanted to start telling longer stories than we could as a 2 minute segment. This site is the result of that move. Then real life took over and we found that the time had come to end things. We had a whole story line for season 7 but episode 151 was as far as that went. All in all, I think we ended on a high note. You can't ask for much more than that.

Scott and I are VERY grateful to the Slice crew and listeners who have helped us along the way. Without Slice of Scifi and Fox Leader, and a LOT of help from our friends, the Multiverse News would never have existed. And THAT is the not-so-brief history of the Multiverse News. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Oh! One final note: You know, there are times I wish I could buy Foxy a drink and a big plate of tater-tots just to say thanks. If he ever gets to read this post, I do have one serious message for him: Thank you.